Organic is good business.

Rice * Ancient Grains * Beans * Seeds

Sourcing * Processing * Packaging * Custom Label

Organic * Kosher * Gluten-free

Quality * Safety * Convenience * Savings * Sustainability

Enray is your partner in Organic grains, beans and seeds – we supply the highest quality ingredients and creative, convenient, cost-effective solutions for products you will be proud to put your name on.

We work with you – sourcing new products, importing the best quality ingredients, cleaning and sorting with natural processing techniques, bulk and custom packaging, private labeling, as well as certifications compliant with US Organic and food safety standards.  Enray guarantees the finest quality you want and the flexibility you need, at a price you will like.

We are committed to our growers around the world, educating them in environmentally safe and sustainable farming practices that benefit the health of our planet and its people. Enray supports the efforts of small farmers to aid their economic and community development.  We take pride in our products and practices. You will too.

Enray is the next best thing to growing it yourself.